How much Are Vinyl Records Worth?

People looking to offload their old plastic collection may be wondering how much plastic records are worth.

How much plastic records are worth is obviously formed by how much people are willing to pay for it. Universal collections from yesterday may get decent but unimpressive prices. For example, bands such as Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Running Rocks, The Doors, David Bowie, Neil Young and Led Zeppelin are perpetually popular bands whoever pictures should all sell for $10 to $20 dollars each at a resale sale. Everyone and his dog had pictures from these bands back in the day, and the availability is just too high to drive in the prices. The Beatles are specifically popular and will sell for a bit more — some original pressings can be worth three figures!

The LPs from more unusual bands including Joy Division, Talking Heads, Kraftwerk, Team of Four, Velvet Underground and Chip Drake will sell for quite a bit more at resale sales. The excuse is simply supply and demand: people collecting records from these bands would have been much fewer at the time, and therefore original pressings are few in number. These artists remain popular and are highly sought after.

Then there are the “second hand shop regular” artists who’s records are worth next to nothing, or maybe just nothing. These include Kamahl, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Perry Como and Louis Armstrong. Very few of these artists’ music has outdated well, and therefore very few buyers want in purchasing these records. If you are, you are in luck! Formats of music that are unpopular are also readily available, including Big Band and Time-honored music. Indeed, time-honored plastic can be picked up quite cheaply since plastic is no longer considered an appropriate medium for time-honored music. New time-honored music is being released only on CD, and the wonderful that listen to time-honored music are generally of the older generations. The young people who are the major purchasers of plastic often have little to no interest in time-honored music. The Beatles: Get Back – Peter Jackson

Another factor in how much plastic records are worth is whether the artist has had their work reissued on plastic. Entire lists of some bands have also been repressed on plastic, often in a hundred and eighty gram format which provides an excellent listening experience. This will let down all but collectors from purchasing the original, since the new version is guaranteed to lack the pops and crackles of 40 year old plastic.

80 RPM records are generally worth very little. How often have you been to a resale store to find plastic and seen hemorrhoids upon hemorrhoids of 78s? Very few people are interested in the format or the music that was often recorded on it. The exemption to this rule are ‘counter-culture’ recordings from popular artists. This especially includes blues, with artists such as Robert Johnson, Tommy Johnson and Impaired Willie McTell being hugely popular. Some early bop and gospel in addition has sold for quite a bit.

Rarity Has a Big Affect How much Plastic Records Are Worth

We’ve established already that popular artists’ records are a dime 12. So what formats are more unusual? 45s, foreign pressings, mono records and EPs. With all formats, having a ‘picture sleeve’ is a big plus. Images sleeve is a record sleeve with a picture on it (usually of the artist), as opposed to just plain paper.

Some makes are worth insane amounts of money but are rarely ever listened to. Heard of the Teenagers? These were a doo-wop group formed in the 1950s. They are not particularly popular, but their records have become a collector’s item. Their EPs sell for $100 USD or more. For whatever reason, Beat and Blues, Doo-Wop and Rockabilly records from the 1940s to the 60s have a great deal of value. If you or a regards has a collection like this, you’re sitting on a goldmine.

Using Popsike

Popsike is a simple ebay auction car loan calculator that processes sale values for plastic records. It’s really a useful tool for discovering what records have recently gone for and provide a history of price fluctuation.

The downside of Popsike is that it only records sales of records that sold for 25 US dollars or more, which means people will not be able to find out how much plastic are worth in most of their collection. It’s worth going through your collection and picking out rare ones though to see what they’re worth. Good quality ones to look for have been discussed earlier. Many people will be surprised to find out how much plastic records are worth!

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