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Realme 5 Pro Comes In Crystal Green Design

The Realme 5 Pro aspires to look far more premium than its cost would indicate. More evidently as a result of its”Crystal design” on the rear which almost looks like facets of a diamond. It seems cool but is a little overdone currently as almost every smartphone manufacturer contains some form of a gradient blue finish available.

The most noteworthy upgrade includes the camera, since the Realme 5 Pro may be your first of numerous apparatus to sport a quad-camera installation and will soon be a trend in followed closely by the majority of Realme apparatus going forward. Secondly, the chip gets a small boost together with the Snapdragon 712 in the place of the 710. Lastly, the trunk panel receives a facelift with a brand new design.

But it is still a plastic spine and will be prone to scratches over time. Thankfully, my unit has received none till today, and also the added case adds just a bit more peace of the mind.

It will be doesn’t feel very premium from the hand and attracts ample smudges too. In general, it’s really a functional design that is not overly bulky or slippery, but is unlikely to blow you apart. It looks more interesting than your normal plastic back phone and doesn’t feel flimsy.

Smart-phone displays in this budget are usually pretty basic, and the Realme 5 Pro is no exception. Eating into that screen, there exists a little waterdrop notch housing the front camera. Realme states that this”minidrop” notch is smaller than the preceding generation, and also by the appearance of this, it will be seems small.

The panel itself is pretty color true but lacks the oomph fundamentally present on OLED displays. But taking into consideration the cost tag on the Realme 5 Pro, that is a reasonable trade off. If you don’t compare it to an AMOLED panel, then the colors and comparison will not fail.

Maximum brightness ranges are still pretty decent too, bringing amazing sun legibility. Similarly, the minimum brightness was also pretty ow for used in both dark scenarios.

For routine use including social media marketing, multi-tasking, calling and texting, etc., and the Realme 5 Pro never broke into a sweat. Every activity was generally eloquent, simply slightly bogged down by not-so-fluid animations. The Snapdragon 712 is paired with up to 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM and UFS 2.1 storage that work in tandem to maximize performance and reduce program opening times.

Yet another increasingly common use case within this segment is gaming. The chip always held a unique for even heavy 3D games like PUBG whilst providing a consistent and stable framerate all through, using minimal heating. We’ve seen this identical chip set work a whole lot worse in different phones, so Realme has to did some good optimising.

The Realme 5 Guru operates on ColorOS 6.0.1 built atop Android 9 Pie. ColorOS is not a light skin by any means, and brings a good deal of decorative and functional changes over stock Android. Every thing out of the icons to the notification shade is different and may overwhelm those coming out of stock-ish Android interfaces. Customization are limited by visual changes like the wallpaper and icons, however, most other elements remain undamaged.

Having said that, it will bring about some useful features such as a private space for sensitive articles, hot spot direction to limit your data by each individual and downloadable topics.

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